6 Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Officiant

  • Published February 3rd, 2018 by Ronald Ponkey Photography, LLC
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The person who presides over your wedding ceremony holds a particularly important place in your big day. If you’re not getting married by a long-time clergyman in your family’s place of worship you’ll need to hire an officiant you likely won’t know. Here are some key things to consider when making the decision about which officiant to hire:

1. Your level of comfort with them. This is probably the most important thing to consider. You want to make sure the potential officiant’s personality fits well with yours and that you feel he or she is taking your wishes into account.
2. How flexible they are. Some officiants have a standard ceremony and they don’t want to deviate from it. If you like their standard ceremony, that’s not a problem. If you want something more customized, you’ll want an officiant who’s more flexible.
3. The number of weddings they’re officiating on your wedding day. Officiants often preside over more than one wedding a day. If your officiant is one of them, find out how close to your ceremony time any other ceremonies might be performed so you’re aware of possible time constraints.
4. Their fees and what those include. You’ll want to make sure you can afford the officiant of your choice. Find out what their fees include, such as pre-marital counseling and conducting the rehearsal.
5. What other couples have to say about them. The best way to find an officiant (like any vendor) is by word of mouth. Review testimonials and go into any interviews prepared.
6. Whether or not you’re inviting them to the reception or rehearsal dinner. It’s a nice gesture to invite your officiant to either the rehearsal dinner or the reception. If you do, you’ll need to account for an extra place setting (or two, if the officiant is allowed to bring a guest).

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