8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

  • Published February 3rd, 2018 by Ronald Ponkey Photography, LLC
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Since the advent of Pinterest, event planning has been turned on its ear. Now people have all kinds of inspiration at their fingertips. Sometimes, though, so much information can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not an experienced planner.

Today we’re going to pare down all of that information for you and highlight our top tips on how to plan the perfect bridal shower. Let’s get started!

1. Talk to the bride. This is essential! You want to collect a list of people she’d like invited (all of whom should be on the wedding guest list), whether or not she’d like a co-ed shower, if there are any restrictions you need to be respectful of (such as no alcohol or dietary needs), and if she has her heart set on a particular theme.

2. Talk to other wedding party members. It can be helpful and fun to plan the shower with other members of the wedding party. Ask them if they’d like to be involved in the planning and how much they can afford to spend. Be sure to balance responsibilities and give credit carefully among everyone contributing to the shower.

3. Set a date and let people know. You want to shoot for having the shower one to two months before the wedding. Be sure to work around the bride’s schedule. Send out Save the Dates four to six months ahead of time, especially to out-of-town guests. Invitations should go out about two months before the shower. Include the best way for people to RSVP. You may want to follow up with phone calls as a courtesy.

4. Find the venue. Assuming you aren’t hosting the shower at your home, you need to search for a venue that suits your budget and the shower theme. If you’re having trouble narrowing your options, consider the wedding venue and choose something with a similar vibe.

5. Make food and décor decisions. Based on the venue and budget, brainstorm with any other planners to firm up a menu and decide on décor. Determine if you have to hire an outside caterer, order special linens, and bring in your own centerpieces.

6. Plan the entertainment. Are your guests going to play shower games? Are you hiring live music? Hosting a wine tasting? Think about what entertainment options suit the wedding’s theme and make those arrangements. Also purchase shower favors if you’re giving them out to guests.

7. Buy your shower gift. Even though you’re hosting the shower, it’s still proper etiquette to get the bride a gift.

8. Confirm everything. The week before the shower, reach out to all involved vendors to confirm the event details. This will give you a little time to head off any problems before they can happen.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan the perfect bridal shower. Just follow these steps and you’re sure to plan an event your bride will never forget!




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